Jim Paillot
2334 E. Huron Ct.
Gilbert, AZ 85234

I'm a dad, husband and illustrator.

We live in Arizona with two dogs and and almost any other animal that scratches on our front door. Even though almost everything in the desert either bites, pokes or stings we call it home.

When not creating artwork for lots of fun people I am busy hiking, biking, exploring and bothering those around me.

Yes: Ant farms, robots with death rays, superheros and Riders In The Sky.
No: Angry mobs, two-headed animals, peas, tank tops at weddings.



I'm involved!

Memberships: The Society Against Cutting Other People's Meat
Dress As A Giant Ham and Hang Out With Boo Radley Fan Club (associate member)
SSPMA- The Secret Society to Prevent Mothball Abuse
The Monks with Lobster Claws Instead of Hands Foundation (Treasurer)
The League of Nine-Fingered Knife Sharpeners
National Association of Beady-Eyed Neighbors