Dinosaurs rule!

Here's a pretty fun book that hit the bookstores recently. It's filled with goofy but true facts about prehistoric creatures. I got a kick out of drawing dinosaurs of all kinds plus lots of extinct animals that I wish were still alive and in my backyard. All I am asking for is a couple of Woolly mammoths and maybe a dodo bird or two. I don't think the neighbors would mind. 



It's been a crazy busy spring and summer so it was nice to take a break and hit the beach for a few days. This is Charlie. It was his first visit to a beach and he gave it two paws up. His sisters, Tina and Celery, also approved. 


Ben Rocks!

Meet Awesome Ben from Virginia. He’s a new friend of mine who loves to read and draw. He also loves My Weird School books, Nascar and pizza. I am blown away by his creative skills. Hopefully, when Dan Gutman and I retire he can take over the vast My Weird School Empire!