Another S'more, Please

What do T.Rexes make when they go camping? Answer: Dino-s'mores!

This is a little illustration I recently created for the super nice folks at National Wildlife Federation.


Anger Management

Temperatures are rising! Run for cover! We are knee deep in politics so there's lots of anger out there.



Prehistoric Beast Sighting!

Team Paillot likes to get out and hike as often as possible. A few weeks ago we made our first sighting of a horny toad (above) in the wild! I was thrilled. Maybe overly thrilled. We named him Henry. Last week we hiked on Mount Lemmon (near Tucson, AZ) and we saw another horny toad! Yay! We named that one Jamaal. I am happy to report that we left each horny toad just as we found them - free to pursue their lizard inspired hopes and dreams.