Dogs, Cats, and Dung Beetles

Do you know what vultures do to animals that attack them? They throw up on them! Do you need any more reasons than that to love vultures? Dan Gutman brings the knowledge in another funny Fast Facts book, Dogs, Cats, and Dung Beetles. 


But really, aren't we all winners?

Sometimes it's fun entering art contests. Here's a little piece I did for the fun of it. I found out today that it was chosen by Creative Quarterly as "Winner - Runner Up". Woo-hoo. Time to celebrate with some oreos and a cowboy movie.


Dinosaurs rule!

Here's a pretty fun book that hit the bookstores recently. It's filled with goofy but true facts about prehistoric creatures. I got a kick out of drawing dinosaurs of all kinds plus lots of extinct animals that I wish were still alive and in my backyard. All I am asking for is a couple of Woolly mammoths and maybe a dodo bird or two. I don't think the neighbors would mind.