Let's get drawing!

Calling all kids! (and people that feel kid-like!)

Bring your crazy imaginations and come draw with me. I'll be at Barnes and Noble this Saturday, December 4th from 2:00-2:45. Bring paper and something to draw with and we'll come up with some wild stories together, create the characters together and then draw them together. I plan on having a rock 'em, sock 'em, fun time. I hope you can join me!

Crossroads Town Center
3807 South Gilbert Road (just south of the 202)
Gilbert, AZ 85296


My Weird School

When they are not working the herring mines or teaching reindeer to fly the good people of Finland can now keep up with A.J. and his pals. Just one more reason I like Finland.


Another "My Weird School Daze" hits the streets

Dan Gutman and I have completed one more book in the My Weird School Daze series. I cannot promise you that Mr. Tony is full of baloney. He may also contain other meat bi-products and fillers. This will be the next to last book in the My Weird School Daze series. But we have already started books for another series- My Weirder School! And the weirdness just keeps coming...