Soap Monsters!

As a kid, I was a sucker for novelty toys and gadgets. That includes soaps. Remember Crazy Foam? A can of sprayable, soapy foam that was designed to make bath time fun for all - except the hapless parents who had to swab the decks afterwards.

I was overjoyed to be able to work on an inspired holiday promotion project this winter that included monster inspired soap wrapped up in a colorful package. It's always gratifying when the designer let's you loose on a project you know will be a blast but it's extra nice when they surround it with so much good design and goodwill. Soap Monsters has been brought to you by those clean and bubbly folks at Dinardo Design.


Mrs. Copeland's awesome class!

My visit with Mrs. Copeland's class at Madison Elementary a couple of weeks ago was a blast! As if that weren't enough - then I get the coolest thank you card ever. Each self portrait on the interior page of the card is accompanied by their favorite My Weird School book. Neat!!



Mr. Cooper Is Super!

So this funny little book hit the bookstores this week. A.J. gets a new third grade teacher and Mr. Cooper is even weirder than Mr. Granite! This is book 1 of the new series - My Weirdest School!

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