Art With Heart

Art with Heart recently asked me to design a cover for their newest book project, entitled “Make Yer Mark!”

The black and white therapeutic activity book is a compilation of pages grafted from “Oodles of Doodles” and “Magnificent Marvelous Me” books, whose specific purpose was to help the third grade classmates of Christina Taylor Green, who was brutally gunned down in the shootings in Tucson, Arizona.

The activities in the workbooks were chosen because of their ability to help the children as they experience feelings of loss and anxiety.

“The workbook doesn’t look like a typical grieving book because we wanted to make sure the kids wouldn’t feel ‘talked down to’,” says Steffanie Lorig, Art with Heart’s Executive Director, “We hope the book helps them feel joy again as they move through the many emotions that go hand in hand with grief.”

Typically, the grieving process takes time and healing usually happens gradually. Thanks to donations given by generous folks, this workbook will be an aid in their continued healing journey.

For more information about Art with Heart or to donate, please visit us at

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